An engagement is ceremony that cannot be completed without the presence of couple of special rings. These rings are specifically known as the engagement ring. Unless and until the rings are exchanged between the bride and the groom the ceremony cannot be over. These rings have very great significance which is why these should be carefully picked at the time of purchasing.

At JQ Jewels we take great pride in the fact that our engagement ring is an expression of your personal style. It might be vintage, modern or even classic. We have got you covered with some pristine quality engagement rings. You will certainly love our engagement ring as they all or our designs are second to none respectively. We have engagement ring made out of different materials. Such as the gold and platinum. The material we use to make these rings is absolutely pure and we can give you a warranty to prove our authenticity. When you are buying an engagement ring from us you can be sure of one fact that you are investing your cash in something great.

Some of the characteristics of our engagement ring that you can profit from are exclusive to our customers. These set us apart from our competitors in the market. Some of these characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Sturdy ring body
  • The best ring setting
  • Nickel free rings

Sturdy ring body:

It is highly advised that you consider looking at the body of the ring that you are going to buy. As the ring you buy should have a sturdy body. At JQ Jewels we make our ring to last a long time. All the rings we make have a sturdy ring body. The band of the ring is not too thin so that in future it breaks it is appropriately thick so that it does not break. So we can guarantee you a good value for your money if you decide to buy from us.

The best ring setting:

All of our rings have one common feature that is a perfect ring setting. While making our rings we are extremely careful of the prong setting on the ring. Most of the companies make their prongs from the yellow gold which is a very bad idea as it can easily wear out and you can lose your gemstone. Whereas in JQ Jewels we use platinum to make our prongs which is a much more durable component. It makes our rings better than the others.

Nickel free rings:

Gold which has nickel added in it tends to cause skin rashes in people allergic to nickel. At JQ Jewels all of our engagement rings are nickel free. Which not many companies are willing to do nowadays.