Rings are considered to be the most purchased piece of jewelry but gold bracelets also have an ever increasing market. Most of the people nowadays look to buy gold bracelets 9 carat as compared to gold rings. Gold bracelets are very good gift that you can give to your loved ones. They look extremely elegant and presentable. These bracelets are available in various materials which ultimately determines its prices as well. Some of the major materials that are used in making these bracelets are platinum, gold and silver.

JQ Jewels makes some of the best gold bracelets in the United Kingdom. There are many customers that we have sold our bracelets too. We have a very good customer satisfaction record as all the people who buy from us are satisfied of what they get. This satisfaction is due to the features that are available in our bracelets. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • Color of our bracelets
  • Fitting of our bracelet
  • Available for both genders

These features common in every bracelet we produce regardless of what you choose from our store.

Color of our bracelet:

 The color of a bracelet is something that makes it look presentable or even beautiful. It is very essential that you choose a bracelet that has a good color which does not fade away. We at JQ Jewels this very seriously. We use the material that is dependable when it comes to holding its color. This helps us in making gold bracelets that are extremely durable and don’t lose its color what so ever.

Fitting of our bracelet:

The fit of the bracelet on your wrist will determine if it looks good or not. Although, this is something that may vary depending on the will of the wearer. Some like their bracelet to fit or some like it loose. JQ Jewels makes bracelets that are suitable for both types of people. Generally, we tend to provide the customer with a bracelet that is suitable for him or her. We never fail that is why we have a very good reputation in the market. This also helps us in attracting more and more customers as well as marinating the previous ones.

Available for both genders:

We have a wide range of bracelets as we have mentioned before as well. This range of products are not just limited to females there are also some gold bracelets that can be worn by males as well. Although prices might vary due to this as male bracelets are much more subtle making them cheap. Whereas, female bracelets require more detailing and it costs more.