When people think jewelry they think of rings, necklaces or watches. In modern times more kinds of jewelry is being made. One thing that is relatively new in the market and is doing very good is ring watches respectively. These look very elegant when you wear them because of its distant features. In fact these ring watches are a new kind of fashion statement. Most of the ring watches are fitted with unbreakable glass, was worn on the finger like any other ring. These rings are very rare but these are something that are not unheard off.

JQ Jewels helps you to keep up with the fashion by the help of its unique and priceless ring watch collection. We have a very capable team of ring watch makers probably one of the best in the country. These individuals have all the necessary skills to make a perfect ring watch. So, when you are buying form us you can be sure of one thing that you will be getting an authentic piece of jewelry that is worthy of your investment.

Our ring watches are some of the best you can find in UK. This is due to the characteristics these watches have that are absolutely second to none in the market. Some of these exclusive characteristics that you can profit from if you but ring watches from us are mentioned below:

  • Attention to every little detail
  • Good watch mechanics
  • Affordable costs

Attention to every little detail:

Making a ring watch requires extreme mastery as it is a small delicate piece of furniture. Ring watches are small and delicate so it also requires a professional to make it. An individuals who has been making these for a very long time. As any other jewelry should look beautiful same goes for the ring watches. At JQ Jewels we pay attention to every little detail when we are making ring watches. So that you get the best product possible.

Good watch mechanics:

A good watch has to have the perfect working mechanics. As for a ring watch extra care should be taken while making the watch work because everything is so small. JQ Jewels not only guarantees you the best type of jewelry it also guarantees you a properly working watch so that it lasts a long time.

Affordable costs:

Although whenever you are looking to buy jewelry you are bound to spend a lot of cash. But this does not mean you can’t get affordable prices for these ring watches. JQ Jewels has some of the most attractive prices for its ring watches that you can pick from our website.